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Wachuma ceremony

Wachuma ceremony

$190 / per person
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Wachuma is, in essence, a highly respected medicine throughout the Andes Mountains and around the world, used by Andean healers for healing rituals guided by the master plant.
The Andean teachers use it to perform gastrointestinal cures, to cleanse the body, cleanse the stomach, open the consciousness, expand the roots and connect with the different planes of energy. Andean teachers or healers use wachuma for its hallucinogenic properties.

It is very powerful medicine because it connects you with the energy of the Sun that is why you have to do it outside near the nature or a sacred space, it can also takes you to different states of consciousness where you can achieve a dissolution of unconscious complexes rooted in the personally

The process of this sacred plant can take from 6 to 7 hours approximately and during the process you are completely conscious. It works better when you are in meditation and silence because it says when we are in silence different doors open and we can see better things.

  • This is a daily program where you can choose any date.

San Pedro opens up your heart and fills you with unconditional love – it allows you to truly love yourself and other human beings. It takes away stress and headaches, harmonizes your mind with your heart, your spirit, your soul, and your physical body. It connects you with nature and the spiritual world and opens you the doors of heaven. During the San Pedro ceremonies, you are conscious all the time; you will never lose consciousness. In fact, your senses are sharper than normal, meaning you can heal and purify in a conscious way.

Half Day
  • Destination
  • Included
    • 1 Ayahuasca ceremony with personal shamanic healing; the shaman will sing a special song for each person according to their personal needs
    • Icaro Arkano for protection
    • At the end of the Ayahuasca ceremony, the master will sing an Icaro (a song) for protection against future negativities so you remain healthy and clear
    • 1 on 1 consultation with the shaman
    • You will have an opportunity to discuss your experience with the shaman before and after your Ayahuasca ceremonies
    • Personal shamanic healing
    • The shaman will be available to give you treatments and advice according to your specific needs.
    • An experienced facilitator/translator (spanish/quechua/english).
    • You will have a guide who has been specially trained by the shamans.
    • Medicinal plant explanations.
    • Talk to share and process your experiences.
    • Talks on shamanism and personal transformation.
    • Transportation to and from our center.
    • Medical support before, during and after each Ayahuasca session.

Tour Plan


We will pick you up from your hotel at 8:30, we’ll take transportations, to go to the inca  temple outside in the nature where we're gonna performance our ceremony, where we will connect with living energy in this sacred places  The sahaman will start with an instruction with full information about San pedro ceremony  then he will do a kintu ceremony to ask for permission from the ancestors before starting the ritual. After that the shaman will do a spiritual and physical cleansing to release heavy energy. The most important purpose in the ceremony is your intention,  what you want to know, 

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