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Our Delux tourist packages are designed to be able to visit the most beautiful places including the visit to the wonder of the world Machupicchu from 4, 5 and 6 days, we have combined the options of Nature, history, culture and archeology, they are different between the experiences that they will live every day for example visiting a community and knowing and being part of it for an entire day or the experience of spending a day with Andean Shaman where we will not only know about their worldview and culture but we will be part of the ancestral shamanic knowledge of the Andes. Peru Sacred wants to offer you a different way to visit Peru - Cusco making it a unique experience, that is why we have created these 3 options including everything you need to visit while you are in Cusco, we have also combined them with the best hotels from 3 to 5 stars that they will give you comfort during your stay while we show you the best of Cusco. Our packages are personalized and you can combine them as you want, You can consult with any Peru Sacred sales agent to recommend the best option for you.

5 Days
The Salkantay Trek has become as one of the main…
6 Days
A beautiful journey starting with a energetic healing session and…
5 Days
Le tus guide through the Andes of Cusco, a complete…
5 Days
A complete program to visit Cusco as never before, let…
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