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One of the most beautifuls mountains located toward the South of Cusco, the Ausangate mountain is know because of the most beautiful landscapes, the powerfull lakes that holds the energy from our ancestors where they usually visited this temples for healing purposes and also as an Shamans iniciation path a place that holds the spirits from the high level Shamans.

This trekking program is for people that are loooking for an adventure in the mountains, visiting the local communities along the trail, get stunning pictures of every place we visit and do a healing ceremony in one of the Lakes.

  • Destination
  • Included
    • Transportation go and back from Hostal / paqchanta/ hostal
    • 1 breakfast, 2 lunchs, 1 dinner
    • Entrance fee ticket to Ausangate
    • 1 tour guide
    • Andean Shaman
    • Ceremony of healing Chumpi
    • Tools for the ceremony
    • 1 night accomodation
  • Not Included
    • Last dinner
    • Sleeping bag
    • Walking sticks
    • Tips

Tour Plan


Day 1

This day we will pick you up from your hotel/ hostal around 09:00 am the driver will take us toward the south in Cusco for about 3 hours and a half until Paqchanta, here we will meet our host house Mr Jose Luis and his family we will have lunch and we will spend the rest of the day in the hotsprings and rest early so we can continue tomorrow.

Day 2

Early in the morning after breakfast we will start our trekking to the mountain we will walk for about 3 hours to get to the feet of the Ausangate mountain, we will visit the Qomer and Azul Qocha (lakes) where we will do the healing cerermony. The healing ceremony will take around 1 hour where the Shaman will use the Chumpi ceremony, The Chumpi healing is a ceremony working with 7 HEALING STONES, this stones has a special particularity because each one has a different power and it is connected to a sacred special Apu (mountain spirits) in the moment of the healing the Shaman will work with 7 follow powers:
  • Otorongo – Jaguar
  • Kuntur – Condor
  • Killa – Moon
  • Sachamama – Great Serpent
  • Inti – Sun
  • Siwar Qente – Humming bird
  • Mama Kuca – Coca leave
This ceremony will open your luminous power of your body, then it will cleanse all your 5 energy centers in your body from the button to your head and your Paña ( right ) and Lloque ( Left) power, this ceremony is an authentic Inca healing coming from centuries of years ago and along with the Andean Shaman you will discover a different way of healing working with the four elements powers, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. This healing will help you working with your nervous system releasing anxiety, headaches and promotes the concentration, increasing and renewing your body energy. Then we will continue for about half an hour more walking where we will visit another lake and have lunch, then we will walk back to finally take the transportation and back to Cusco, arriving approx 7 pm.

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